Faiza Mirza

But before we get there just how long does it take to get Voice of Islam Radio ready for broadcast from Hadeeqatul Mahdi? This year, as always, preparations started months ago; from picking the most appropriate trailer for broadcast, to ensuring we have enough merchandise for people wanting to take home some jalsa souvenirs.

The radio station is a platform for tabligh, aimed not only at Muslims but everyone, highlighting that Islamic teachings are not at odds with living a peaceful and integrated life in any country across the world. This year you can tune into a variety of programmes, with discussions on counter terrorism, freedom of speech, equality of genders and a whole lot more. The highlight of the broadcast are the speeches of Hazrat Khalifatul-Masih (aba), under whose guidance the station was launched in 2016 and broadcasts from our studios in Baitul Futuh 24/7.

This year at Jalsa, look out for our team who will be taking interviews and snippets. Make sure you also visit the Voice Of Islam Radio stall, where you can not only pick up some great new merchandise, but find out more about joining as a producer, presenter, researcher, graphic designer and a lot more! And this year we have a very special giveaway. Every lajna or Khadim to visit will get a free ticket every day and on Sunday at 2.30pm there will be a draw where the winner will receive a brand new DAB radio. So tune in, get involved and be a part of the Voice of Islam Radio.


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