By Umar Ahmad, USA

Something out of the norm. The looks I was given, as I lightly jogged my way to the trail which leads away from the jalsa gah into the forest and farmland which surrounds it, I will not forget. For the reason, the looks won’t escape my memory, is because they were mirror images of my face when I entered Hadiqtul Mahdi for the first time, entering my first Jalsa in the UK coming from the United States.

In awe, I made way to the MTA headquarters where I would be working, muffled were the sounds of work being done around me as I took in the grand display of the miracle of our Jamaat e Ahmadiyya. I found it hard to believe that I was present at the Jalsa that I grew up watching at home on TV, so much so that I could not process how lucky I am to be here till I went on this run.

Entering the trail in disbelief, every step, be it on the damp grass or in a puddle surrounded by a palette of colors found in the brush, flowers, and trees above me, the realization became clearer and clearer. As I finished the run, coming out of the forest, back into the Jalsa Gah, I looked upon the site on which we hold our yearly gathering, and was overcome with the feeling of joy, that I no longer had to experience this miracle through a screen, rather I could breathe and see it.

Those senses were heightened even more when I was entering the Jalsa Gah again, looking out at the proof that our Jamaat is the true message of Islam. At no point during my run was I overcome with senses to the same degree, even though one would assume that in the picturesque and quiet scenery which surrounds Hadiqatul Mahdi, one would get lost in the . Hence, this is Jalsa is no ordinary event, something that brings people from all over the world to one place, something that shines as a beacon of truth, clarification, and rejuvenation of the spirit, something out of the norm.

I must say that this Jalsa is an experience which is totally different from others. The Khalifa-e-waqt creates a whole new dimension to the atmosphere, he’s the true light of the Jalsa and without him , well, my experience would not have been this grand , by the grace of Allah

I recommend everyone to travel and come to Jalsa Salan as this Jalsa is like no other. It’s a true ‘Spiritual Festival’

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