From Japan (Muznah, Durriya, Adeena and Samar)

Every year, as summer vacation commences in Japan, a magical tradition begins for our community. Despite being miles away from the United Kingdom, the Jalsa Salana UK holds a special place in our hearts. The live telecast of this momentous event allows us to partake in the spiritual journey of Jalsa, even from the distant shores of Japan. As we sit together, eight hours ahead of the UK, the essence of Jalsa engulfs us, and we feel a profound sense of connection with our global Ahmadiyya Muslim family.

The anticipation for Jalsa UK begins days before the event. We meticulously plan our schedules to ensure all tasks, from assignments to cooking and cleaning, are completed before the live telecast begins in the afternoon. The excitement builds as we gather snacks, tea, and coffee to keep us awake throughout the night. The thought of listening to Huzoor’s inspiring speeches fills our hearts with joy and spiritual fervor.

To truly immerse ourselves in the atmosphere of Jalsa, we prepare traditional dishes. The aroma of daal and alu gosht fills our homes, reminiscent of the langar khana at Jalsa UK. On the final day, we prepare a special dessert to commemorate the international bai’at, a moment that unites believers from all corners of the globe.

As the time approaches for Huzoor’s address, our excitement reaches its peak. We eagerly await his salaam, hanging on to every word he speaks. The opportunity to offer dua alongside Huzoor feels like a personal blessing, and it strengthens our faith and resolve. Responding to every nara (slogan) during Jalsa echoes the unity and love shared by all participants, whether they are physically present at the venue or tuning in from afar.

While the physical distance separates us, the power of technology brings us closer to Jalsa UK. The documentaries prepared by MTA provide vivid glimpses of the event, allowing us to feel like an integral part of Jalsa. The efforts of MTA and Jalsa Connect in bringing this experience to our screens are truly commendable, and we are deeply thankful for their dedication.

As the live telecast ends, we are left with a renewed sense of purpose and gratitude. Jalsa UK may be a world away, but it resides deep within our hearts, and the memories of these cherished moments will stay with us until the next Jalsa comes around, bringing with it a fresh wave of love, unity, and spiritual enlightenment.


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