By Aqeela Shanzay Zaffar

Dress Comfortably and Weather-Appropriate:

The UK countryside is known for unpredictable weather, so it is crucial to dress accordingly. Come prepared with a raincoat and boots to tackle unexpected showers and muddy conditions. Additionally, pack sunglasses, sun cream, portable fans, and water bottles to combat the heat, especially for vulnerable groups such as children and the elderly. Above all, remember to wear comfortable and lightweight clothes, keeping in mind the spiritual essence of Jalsa.

Be Punctual for Congregational Prayers and Engage in Remembrance:

Joining the congregation prayer behind the beloved Huzoor (aba) is a cherished and blessed moment. Arrive early, having performed ritual ablution (Wuduh), and secure a spot in the first row, God willing. Utilise the time before the prayer for remembrance of Allah and sending salutations on the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

Take Notes and Listen Attentively:

The addresses of the beloved Huzoor (aba) are filled with precious guidance and wisdom. Across the three days, it’s possible that you might forget certain points that resonated strongly with you. Carry a notepad and pen to jot down key points and reflections. Pay close attention to the proceedings of Jalsa, ensuring a deeper understanding. Take advantage of this opportunity for personal growth and spiritual enlightenment.

Explore Exhibitions and Book Stalls:

Make sure to visit the event’s amazing exhibitions when the main sessions are not taking place. These attractions offer unique insights into different aspects of the community and provide opportunities to expand your knowledge. Engage with the displays, interact with volunteers, and discover enriching literature that enhances your understanding of Islam.

Pray, Give Sadqa, and Correspond with Beloved Huzoor (aba):

Utilise your time at the Jalsa Salana to offer heartfelt prayers, seeking blessings for the success of the event and the well-being of all attendees. Practice acts of charity by giving Sadqa generously, according to your means, as these acts hold great significance in the sight of Allah. Take the opportunity to write to the beloved Huzoor (aba), expressing your love for the sake of Allah and seeking his prayers for the Jalsa and all the participants.

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