The Jalsa Salana is not merely a three-day worldly event but creates a unique feeling and an atmosphere of self-purification in its guests. Still, no matter how distant you are from the Jalsa, you still partake of its spiritual blessings by following the proceedings via MTA.

One of the many spiritual aids that has been provided by God Almighty is Muslim Television Ahmadiyya. MTA is particularly important in soothing the pain of those living in countries where that have been deprived of the right to religious freedom. We can watch the Jalsa live from our TV’s catch up on anything we may have missed. This allows us to be a part of every session and to gain an insight into the activities and duties of the volunteers serving the guests of the Promised Messiah (as).

The documentaries, prepared by various studios of MTA and broadcast both on television and online, can take you on an inspiring tour of the past of Islam and Islam Ahmadiyya, followed by an insight into more optimistic and peaceful future that is being constructed through the efforts of the Hazrat Khalifatul Masih (may Allah strengthen his hand). We can also learn of the efforts of the many spiritual, educational and charitable organisations within the Jama’at, such as the charity Humanity First.

Every program, every nazm, every interview and every speech offer the viewer an opportunity to move a step closer to understanding the true essence of being a Muslim. Through the important Jalsa themes highlighted on MTA, each viewer can focus on the following four steps to benefit from the Jalsa Salana:

Step 1: Prayer

The days and nights of the Jalsa should be filled with prayers. Regardless of whether you are attending the Jalsa or not, use the Jalsa Salana as an opportunity to begin and end each day with voluntary prayers, to supplement the obligatory prayers. Not a Jalsa has passed in which beloved Huzoor did not remind us, time and time again, of the importance of prayer. Therefore, as millions of Ahmadis across the world share in their increased prayers and worship, the true Jalsa spirit permeates across each continent.

Step 2: Listen carefully to the words of our Caliph

The biggest highlights of every Jalsa are the addresses of  Hazrat Khalifatul Masih (may Allah strengthen his hand). Not only do his words help reform us, but our faith is strengthened. Thus, by listening to these addresses and by repeating the words of the international bait ceremony, we have an opportunity to gain greater proximity to Almighty Allah, which is the true purpose of the Jalsa.

Step 3: Increase in your knowledge

In order to truly admire something, you need to know its past. Thus, in order to enjoy and experience the true the blessings of Jalsa Salana, you need to learn about the history of Jalsa Salana. MTA provides us with much information on the Jalsa’s rich history, but we also have a wealth of jamaat books to increase our knowledge of the past! Understanding the history and blessed objectives of the Jalsa Salana would allow you to both enhance your Jalsa experience and increase in your knowledge and admiration of it. 

Step 4: Jalsa-inspired Menu

The Jalsa Salana is famous for its staple-diet of Aloo Gohst (meat and potatoes), Daal (lentils) and roti (South-Asian bread). After filling your homes with the important spiritual atmosphere of the Jalsa, why not also fill them with the rich aroma of the Jalsa spices and foods! After all, you need to keep your energy up!      

            May Allah enable us to fulfill and understand the true purpose of Jalsa. Ameen.

By Misbha Ahmad

@ma_ch96 via Twitter