By Nasir Mirza

“Shower gel, waterproof clothing.. don’t forget your topee!” is my instruction to my son as he packs his bag with three days to go to Jalsa. Hashim is now 12 and is planning on joining up with Jasla Gah team as they finish setting up the main marquees for the first day. He will be staying on site throughout Jalsa and I will probably only see him fleetingly throughout the three days; as a father of three, it’s strange to see my eldest leaving at a different time to the rest of the family – the circle of life as I remember having a similar duty entrusted on me at his age.

Working at Jalsa and having the opportunity to earn the blessings of Allah as the hosts for this blessed institution is something that we can only savour once a year; for my son this is also combined with the joy of seeing his Ahmadiyya brothers and friends too that is special.  As the Promised Messiah (as) stated, although the primary purpose of the convention is our spiritual enhancement, a very real secondary benefit is the strengthening of mutual ties. One day to go inshallah, we are almost there!