Can you guess what ingredients are used to make the famous Aloo ghost at Jalsa langar?

If yes, then let’s challenge your taste buds:

Question 1. Which vegetable is added first in the oil?
A) Onion
B) Potato
C) Tomato
D) Green Chilli

Question 2. Which herb is added at the end of Aloo ghost?
A) Thyme
B) Parsley
C) Basil
D) Coriander

Question 3. What are the main ingredients of Aloo ghost?
A) Potato
B) Meat
C) Potato and Chicken
D) Potato and Meat

Question 4. What are the main spices of Aloo ghost?
A) Turmeric powder and red chilli powder
B) Coriander powder and fenugreek leaves
C) Cumin powder and cardamom powder
D) Red chilli powder and fenugreek leaves

FINALY, the tricky Maths Question 5:
One “daegh” or a giant pot of aloo ghost feeds approximately 125 people. Can you calculate how many giant pots of Aloo ghost would be required to feed 30,000 people?
A) 450
B) 350
C) 180
D) 240

Did you get the right answers???

  1. A
  2. .D
  3. D
  4. A
  5. D (Divide 30,000 people by 125 which gives you 240 giant pots of aloo ghost.)
    Well done to everyone for knowing their Aloo ghost.)


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