We had the pleasure of meeting a cute baby girl named Ariana Shamama Ahmad, who was just five months old attending her first jalsa salana UK and also a baby Waqf-e-nau. Her mother, Arooba Zaffar from the UK, was busy working in MTA International at the ladies’ cabin, editing, writing, and researching for Jalsa Connect. Despite the constant demands of a young baby, Arooba skilfully balanced her duties while giving her little one the love and attention she needed. Ariana’s first encounter with the vibrant atmosphere of Jalsa Salana was filled with wonder and, at times, a few tears. The loudly raised slogans of Nara-e-Takbeer startled the young infant, seeking comfort in her mother’s comforting arms. But even at this tender age, Arooba had a vision for her daughter’s spiritual growth.

Arooba, also a Waqf-e-nau, understood the importance of instilling love and righteousness from day one, following the guidance of Beloved Huzoor (aba). Although Ariana was too young to comprehend, Arooba believed that exposing her to the spiritual atmosphere of Jalsa Salana would lay the foundation for a pious upbringing.

Ariana 5 months old on the left side and 3 years old Ariana on the right side enjoying the mud at Jalsa Salana 2023.

Now, in Jalsa Salana UK 2023, Ariana is a bright and active three-year-old and what has changed the most is that she extremely excited to loudly say Nara-e-Takbeer by raising her hand. Excitement fills her as she eagerly looks forward to seeing Beloved Huzoor (aba). She affectionately calls him “Huzoory” and can’t contain her excitement at the thought of meeting him.

Arooba is well-prepared to keep Ariana engaged throughout the event. Armed with snacks, toys, and activities, she ensures that Ariana enjoys her time at Jalsa. For little ones like Ariana, attending Jalsa becomes a memorable and enjoyable experience.

Arooba planned to engage Ariana during her duties by taking her to visit the various exhibitions, allowing her to absorb the Jalsa atmosphere. They would visit the Bazaar together to enjoy some delicious ice cream. During Huzoor’s speeches, Arooba would be in the MTA Lajna cabin with Ariana, simplifying and explaining Huzoor’s addresses. Despite being young, Arooba knows the importance of introducing Ariana to Huzoor’s addresses and the teachings of Islam. Even if Ariana might not fully comprehend the messages at this age, Arooba believes that these teachings will be imprinted in her mind and heart, guiding her as she grows older.

The journey from a 5-month-old baby to a 3-year-old attending Jalsa highlights the beauty of passing on spiritual values and experiences to the next generation. Arooba’s dedication and love for her daughter and her commitment to providing her with a spiritually enriching environment at Jalsa Salana exemplify the essence of this blessed gathering. As Ariana continues to grow, the seeds of love for Jalsa and the desire to become closer to Huzoor (aba) will flourish, nurturing a future generation devoted to the service of Allah Almighty and His Khalifah.


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