By Ahmad Bhatti

As Jalsa Salana takes place in a spiritual and peaceful environment the world at large is going through turmoil, with chaos in almost every country.  We see the reality of war on our TV screens, and read unspeakable insults on our Twitter feeds. Hate is an act of the ignorant, and it is an act that benefits no one. It imprisons one of true peace and understanding, and stands as a sign of fear, because one fears what one does not know.

The need for ‘Love for all, hatred for none’ has become more imperative than ever, and is the only solution in this violent world. It is the slogan of The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, a community that encompasses these beautiful words. Love is the universal feeling at the Jalsa Salana every year, where citizens from hundreds of countries gather and rejoice in an unbreakable bond of unity.

This is the feeling the world is in need of. World peace can only begin with inner peace. The world must realize that hate weakens us, that it tears us apart, and causes us to lose hope in our future. Let us not become the reason our children grow up to hate. Let us find peace within ourselves and share it with the world, because where there is love, there is hope for a better world. The Jalsa Salana serves as a reminder of what humans are at their core – a peace loving creation.

Let us unite against violence and the persecution of anyone, so that our world can one day become a reflection of the words – ‘Love for all, hatred for none’.

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