Jaziba Wahla

Huzoor’s (may Allah be his Helper) words are very blessed and always leave me reflecting upon my relationship with both Allah the Almighty and Khilafat. The focus of Saturday’s address to the ladies was worldliness, which inspired me to write this post on worldliness in today’s age.

Today, we live in a world where technology surrounds us in our everyday lives. Information is at our fingertips, which can either harm or benefit us. Living in the Western world, children look up to Hollywood and pop stars. They spend their time playing the latest games such as Fortnite and craze over the latest Hollywood blockbuster. They yearn to buy the latest pair of designer shoes. It is as if fame and materialism are at the heart of their lives. 

Just as Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) mentioned, 20-25% of the population does not subscribe to religion. To them, the idea of a Supreme Being is either foolish or questionable. Therefore, it is only viable that such people put fellow human beings and objects, which they can physically see and touch, in place of a Divine God. But for us, as Ahmadis, Huzoor (may Allah be his Helper) has persistently admonished that we not to fall into the trap of this worldly life. Even the verses he recited reinforced this point, as Allah has said this world is a temporary enjoyment, and we as Ahamdis can not waste our lives by indulging in these worldly games. Instead, we need to purify and bring reformation within ourselves and to obey the conditions of Bai’at, to which every Ahmadi has consented. 

Even our beloved master, the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him), compared us to travelers or wayfarers on a journey in this world. So here is food for thought: would you rather waste your journey playing games and getting distracted, or would you rather discover new places, meet new people and find real meaning?


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