By Nasir Ahmad As I type, seven sets of blankets, sheets, mattresses and pillows are all being prepared to take to our local Mosque (the Nasir Mosque, Gillingham). Myself and the local Qaid have been given the duty of organising the bedding for the Ameer of Germany and his team, as they stay the night en route to Hadeeqatul Mahdi.

They have set out on their bicycles a few days previously to attend the Jalsa Salana and this is their final stop-over before arrival. We are honoured to have them as guests and the Aamla has all rallied around, providing everything from food to toiletries.

This is now the second year they have stayed with us so we hope that we made a good impression the first time around. They are expected here around 7 pm and preparations for their evening meal are well underway. Breakfast supplies have also been brought in (plenty of eggs for the energy requirements that they will use up). Having attended the Germany Jalsa on a number of occasions and seen their hospitality, I hope that we can live up to their high standard.  

From Dunkirk to Calais and cycling through Kent, the party arrive, tired but with smiles and greetings for all. Ameer Sahib Germany greets us all and they begin to unwind as arrangements for namaz and food take place. The atmosphere and blessings of Jalsa builds as we edge closer to a very special three days for all Ahmadis across the globe. Having our guests with us, makes us incredibly humble to be the hosts of this auspicious occasion; I pray that Allah blesses and helps the UK jama’at in holding this event. Only two days to go!