My name is Safa and I’m a 10-year-old girl. When I was 6, my family and I moved to the Middle East from the UK. Alhumdolillah, I have attended Jalsa Salana UK every year of my life.

Why do I get excited about Jalsa every year?

When school ends each summer, I know that I will be attending the Jalsa Salana UK very soon.  We fly to England and, Alhumdolillah, I meet Huzoor in mulaqaat and get a Twix and a pen.

For me, Jalsa is like Eid. It is a special 3-day celebration where I can see Huzoor and take part in the International Ba’iat. I meet Ahmadi Muslims from across the world and help my mum do her duty in the first-aid Tent. I even wear new clothes!

Each year I go as the Nasirat representative of my country. I see this as a special responsibility and I love to tell the Nasirat about my experience when I go back.

What are my favourite things about Jalsa?

I love listening to the nazms by the Nasirat when Huzoor arrives in the Ladies’ side and I can see Huzoor in person. When I see girls getting gold medals for doing well at school, I pray that Insha’Allah I will get one too if I am good enough. I love the food at Jalsa, especially the kulfi, even if there is a long queue! Insha’Allah, I’ll come back next year to experience it again.