By Talat Syam

The raising of the slogans is one of the most passionate aspects of the Jalsa Salana. Upon entering the Jalsa site one can hear the powerful voices from the Jalsa Gah proclaiming unanimously that ‘God is Great’, amongst other slogans. Many people raise their hands at the same time and the intense response of the crowd conveys the devotion and love of the Ahmadi Muslims who have come seeking blessings of the Jalsa.

Raising slogans isn’t something new, when we take a look at the time of the Holy Prophet (sa), we find that many companions would raise slogans. In fact, the Holy Prophet (sa) encouraged his companions to raise slogans. At the battle of Uhud, when the Meccan Army were raising slogans of their own, praising their idols, the Prophet (sa) instructed the companions (ra) to proclaim the oneness of Allah the Almighty. These slogans not only gave hope to the companions, but served as motivation and gave them courage too, re-igniting the spark within their souls at a very crucial time.

So this practice has existed since the very early days of Islam, and the Promised Messiah (as) and his Caliphs instilled the same practice within the Jama’at. These slogans are more than just words, they are our spirit which is echoed all across the Jalsa, and are more powerful than any bell, drum or chant.

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