The Bazaar

The Bazaar

By Aleem Zia

The bazaar [market] is another aspect of the Jalsa that encapsulates the feeling of this site really being a city built from scratch. It serves as a place for the participants of the Jalsa to pass their time and socialise with other guests attending the Jalsa from all across the world. As well as catering different cuisines, one can purchase Islamic literature and other merchandise of the community.

The bazaar [market] is not only a place where one goes to purchase things. In a hadith, a companion of the Holy Prophet (sa), goes to the market place and returns without having bought anything. When asked about this, the companion replied that he merely went to invoke blessings and greet the people he met and to gain spiritual reward. Likewise, at the Jalsa, the bazaar [market] can be a place to gain spiritual reward.

(Tafseer e Kabir Volume 6 page 406)

Highlighting this point in his address at Jalsa Salana Germany on 5th July 2019, Hazrat Khalifatul-Masih V (aba) stated:

“During these three days in particular, we must completely constrain the love of the world. For example, when shopping in the bazaar [market], ensure to fulfil the rights of the bazaar and these are to say Salam [Islamic greeting of peace] to one another and remain engaged in the remembrance of God, do not overcrowd the shops and push one another. Shopkeepers should sell their goods with a reasonable profit. You should continuously remember God in the bazaar. The shopkeepers should also remain engaged in this. If we adopt this in a physical sense, the state of our hearts will also change and righteousness and the love of Allah the Exalted will develop within us. Remember, the true objective of an Ahmadi is to become part of the community, who is connected to God and is true in righteousness and pure.”

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