JalsaConnect was going for a walk today,

And met a few interesting characters on the way.

Always making new friends,

JalsaConnect stopped to say hey!


Mirza Hashim Ahmad

Name: Mirza Hashim Ahmad

Age: 12

Duty: Men’s Jalsa Gah Team

It was late morning. Naturally, when we saw Hashim’s endearing smile and couldn’t help but smile back. We then decided to go up to Hashim and ask him what he was up to this Jalsa…


JalsaConnect: Alright Hashim, tell us, where are you working this Jalsa?

Hashim Ahmad: I’m working in the men’s Jalsa Gah team – I help set up the men’s marquee.

JC: What sort of stuff do you do?

HA: We have to roll out the carpets, staple and tape them down. We have to put chairs out, put fencing up and vacuum.

JC: So you’re quite busy then! Are you enjoying it?

HA: Yeah, it’s quite busy. But it’s enjoyable, definitely, because it’s all a part of Jalsa, so there’s a really special feeling being part of such a big job.

JC: What are your feelings about Jalsa?

HA: Jalsa feels really special to me, because, in other gatherings, I don’t really feel anything special. But here, because I’m near Huzur, I feel that buzz of the excitement of Jalsa and Ahmadiyyat. It feels very special, definitely, compared to any other event I’ve been to.

JC: What are you most looking forward to this Jalsa?

HA: What I’m most looking forward to is concentrating on my spiritual journey instead of focusing on worldly matters. I can make sure that I’m spiritually strong, as well as physically.

JC: Jazakallah Hashim.

HA: Jazakallah.


Daud Callaghan


Name: Daud Callaghan

Age: 49

Duty: Tabligh

JalsaConnect met Callaghan Sahib a short while before Jummah. Callaghan Sahib, the former Deputy Mayor of Sutton, is serving at Jalsa in Tabligh. JalsaConnect learnt more…


JalsaConnect: Assalamu Alaikum.

Daud Callaghan: Wa Alaikum Salam.

JC: Where are you working this Jalsa?

DC: I’m working in the Tabligh marquee – so I’m hosting the guests the Tabligh department has invited to Jalsa. Showing them round the site, explaining what Jalsa’s all about and also what our community’s all about as well – the principles upon which our community is based. Essentially, explaining to them anything they want to know about Jalsa and our community.

JC: I’d imagine you get meet a whole variety of people.

DC: You do, yeah. We get all sorts of people coming. It’s sometimes people from the local community who are invited, but it sometimes also people from much further afield too. It’s all sorts of people from all walks of life. It’s all about trying to understand where they’re coming from.

JC: Can you tell us what your feelings are at Jalsa?

DC: I always feel…  elated actually. When I walked in through the security gates… I felt that sort of elated feeling I get when I come to Jalsa. I know how many people I’m going to meet that I haven’t seen for a long time, and also, the spiritual side of things is so important. I’m looking forward to experiencing that again over this weekend.

JC: What one thing, if can pick one, are you most looking forward to?

DC: I think it’s the spiritual rejuvenation that you feel when you come to Jalsa. When I leave Jalsa on Sunday evening, Inshallah, I’ll feel like I normally do, which is rejuvenated, fired up again and ready to really enjoy my faith.

JC: Jazakallah.

DC: Jazakallah.


Khalid González

Name: Khalid González

Age: 18

Duty: Langar 3

JalsaConnect met Khalid after Ishaa Namaz today. Khalid is a second-year student of Jamia Ahmadiyya UK. This year, Jamia have assigned him to serve in Langar 3. He tells us more…


JalsaConnect: Assalamu Alaikum Khalid.

Khalid González: Wa Alaikum Salam.

JC: Tell about your duty here at Jalsa Salana.

KG: My duty here in Jalsa this year is in Langar 3. So, in the Langar, there are loads of chefs. All the Langars are in one area, near the rear of the Jalsa Gah. My main job, usually, is to lift the big pots and pans and take out the rubbish etc. – I’m not skilled enough to cook! But I do help whenever I can.

JC: So what Langar 3? Is there 1 and 2 as well?

KG: Langar is basically where all the food for the attendees is cooked. There’s Langar 1 and 2 too, but Langar 3 is specifically for the guests of Huzur and for Huzur himself.

JC: Wow, that’s a big job! And in general, what makes you excited about Jalsa? What makes you look forward to Jalsa?

KG: What makes me look forward to Jalsa is the gathering of so many people. It creates an atmosphere which even those not of the Jamaat realise is one that brings everyone closer together. When you’re here, you know that we’re all one – we’re all united. There’s a real feeling of togetherness.

JC: So, how’s your day been so far?

KG: So far, it’s been quite tiring, because I started working before Jalsa. So, those two days beforehand got me quite exhausted! But it’s been quite interesting.

JC: And what are you most looking forward to?

KG: In Jalsa, I’m most looking forward to… well I haven’t had time so far to listen to Huzur’s speeches – that’s what I’m looking forward to. And also, making food for Huzur. And meeting new people, of course.

JC: Jazakallah Khalid.

KG: You’re welcome.