Transport and Car Parking Arrangements

Transport and Car Parking Arrangements

By Talat Syam

Jalsa Salana UK is attended by guests from around the globe. Some travel by bus and some by train, but a majority of the members and guests arrive by car. The countryside of Hampshire is transformed into a small temporary city; therefore, it is essential that necessary arrangements are made for the safe transport of the guests of the Promised Messiah (as).

The dedicated transport and parking teams that consists of volunteers devise an eco-friendly solution reducing the amount of cars that enter the site. The majority of the cars that come in from London are parked in the country market nearby and a shuttle bus system is in place, transporting members and guests to the site. Guests travelling from far are permitted to park within the site given that they have the right car passes, which are issued based on importance of access such as for those volunteers on duties or those members who are elderly or have disabilities etc… An additional ease for the guests is in place with the buggy system. Guests that are elderly and women with children can utilise this facility to travel through the Jalsa site.

This department is very important and the volunteers of the transport teams ensure that there is no risk of traffic and no cause of any disturbance to any of our guests and neighbours. This is all done for the pleasure of Allah the Almighty and their reward is purely through Him alone.

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