Navaal Mahdi

The voice of my Beloved Khalifa (aba) is like a cool drink of water when I’ve been parched for days. No matter where I am, when I hear Huzoor’s (aba) voice, I turn towards it, ready to drop everything to obey his direction.

The connection between me and my Khalifa (aba) is put in place by Allah the Almighty. There isn’t an ounce of hesitation when I follow Huzoor’s (aba) lead. When Allah the Almighty says, “And hold fast, all together, by the rope of Allah and be not divided” (Holy Quran, 3:104), I know that my Khalifa (aba) is the one who will help me reach that rope. Then, once I’ve grasped it, he is the one who will help me keep my grip firm. He will teach me how to never let go.

As a new mother, I feel like my spiritual journey has truly just begun. I eagerly await every Jalsa, whether I am attending in-person or virtually, as it is one of the most essential tools of self-reformation. Through the blessings of MTA, I will be connected once again to my Khalifa (aba), who is over 3,000 miles away from me at Jalsa Salana UK. When he will speak though, it will feel like he is speaking directly to me, and there is no one in the room but me, Huzoor (aba), and of course, Allah the Almighty.

Jalsa Mubarak!


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