By Mehpara Itrat,

As thousands of Ahmadis journey to Jalsa Salana, there are millions more planning to watch it at home. Instead of reviewing travel plans, we’re double checking that our MTA works, satellite dishes are still good and internet and mobile connections haven’t failed us. Forget matching shoes, we just need to make sure the fridge is full for the next three days.

If you’re planning on watching Jalsa at home this year, here are five ways you can recreate the experience from the comfort of your living room.

1) Feed your soul

Jalsa is like an energy drink for the soul, revitalising body, spirit and mind. The best part is you can get the rewards from your living room. Open your heart and mind by paying close attention to your daily prayers and voluntary prayers. Watching Jalsa with a healthy soul helps you absorb and appreciate all the blessings from Allah and receive the prayers of the Promised Messiah as. If you can end your’ at home Jalsa experience’ feeling closer to Allah and with peace in your heart, then you know you’ve had the ultimate Jalsa experience.

Click here for tips on building spiritual fitness.

2) Find your friends

There are times when being on your own can be the best thing. Jalsa is not one of those times. You feel the distance from Huzur atba more keenly, and often there’s major FOMO, but hope is not lost. Invite over your family, friends, other Ahmadis, even your uncles’-nephews’-niece twice removed if you want, but fill up you home or mosque with people.  Jalsa is all about the shared experience of faith, to learn something new together and to collectively seek the blessings of Allah. Jalsa is also about bringing people together to reignite the feeling of community. We’re social creatures, which is why we’re drawn to watching and doing things together, from sports to well… Jalsa. Don’t be Billy no mates, get your own group together and get amongst it.

But remember this is not a ‘festival’ like other worldly festivals, as the Promised Messiah (as) has clearly told us!


3) Engage !

Jalsa Salana is a place for your spiritual advancement, and so, we must watch the faith inspiring speeches that are the focal point of the Jalsa. This can be done through MTA or even online at Also connecting with other Ahmadis on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram helps you see a totally different side of Jalsa. There are behind the scenes photos posted from Ahmadis attending Jalsa or doing their duties, which make you feel like you’re there. There are also Ahmadis who tweet the whole Jalsa in various languages,  while others remind you about how people should behave at Jalsa, what Ahmadiyyat is about and what we should be praying for. And the rest share emotions, thoughts, and breakthroughs in knowledge rounding out the whole experience.

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 4) Assign duties

This is particularly good if you’ve got a large group over. Assign the children water duty (if you don’t mind risking the carpet), while you might have others on kitchen and clean up duty. It’s a great way to bring that atmosphere of Jalsa into your home and a good technique to teach children about managing a duty during Jalsa.


5) Eat good food

No experience is complete without good food. Whether it’s your main meals or just ensuring that there are snacks available, good food is a must to round out the ultimate at home Jalsa experience. The trick is in striking balance between having a happy tummy and entering food coma territory. When you get to this place I’d recommend getting some fresh air, after all you’ve got three days of Jalsa, pace yourself.


How do you create the Jalsa atmosphere in your home?