And the servants of the Gracious God are those who walk on the earth in a dignified manner, and when the ignorant address them, they say, ‘Peace!’ [25:64]

Jalsa Salana has always been an enjoyable experience for all those who attend. A lot of hard work is done in order to maintain the standard of the event. However, the sole purpose of this event is to build a platform that can be used for the attendees to gain nearness to Allah and advance in spiritualty. To make this easier for us, it is essential to show the humility and the humbleness that is required. If people pay close attention to the lifestyle and conduct of the Prophets, such men who have immortal names because of their grand stature, they could learn through their example.

As it is understood from the Holy Quran, the ideal qualities of a human being were found in the Holy Prophet (saw). He was a role model of his time and is still a role model for millions of people throughout the world. Although He was the King of Hearts, He chose to live a life that was as ordinary as could be before and after attaining Prophet-hood. He is a man who said with utter humility “I cannot read” at the time when he was chosen to reform all humanity, a man who shivered at the thought of the mammoth responsibility which from then on became his duty.

When you are told to sacrifice your own child, for the sake of Allah, it may well push your patience over the limit. But this demand from God Almighty didn’t unnerve The Great Prophet Abraham (as) who accepted the fate decided by his lord with a great example of consideration and humility. Thus, he passed the test that was upon him and his sacrifice is now celebrated forever.

The example of Prophet Zachariah’s modesty and humility is for all to see in Surah Maryam, when he discretely pleas with God Almighty to grant him a child, even though he was physically too weak.  This is a great example of a man who was very well respected by society, yet opened up completely to God Almighty with utter humility because of his needs.


  He said, ‘My Lord, the bones have indeed waxed feeble in me, and the head glistens with hoariness, but never, my Lord, have I been unblessed in my prayer to Thee. [19:5]

The Promised Messiah (as) in his own words was an ‘Unknown being’ before his Prophet-hood. He says in one of his Urdu couplets:

 “I was … unknown … Nobody had known where Qadian was”.

Once an opponent of the Promised Messiah (as) came and expressed his feelings towards him in the most atrocious language imaginable. The Promised Messiah (as) listened with a brave heart to the end and then asked him if there was anything more that he would like to say.

Such was the humility of the man of whom you, the Ahmadiyya Jama’at, are guests at the Jalsa Salana.  I hope this article reminds the members of the Jama’at that the key to success in anything is to keep your head down and continue to struggle. A day will come when you will look back and acknowledge that it was the correct decision to oppress your ego. We have the wonderful example of Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih V (abta) who quite simply was selected by God Almighty due to his calm and humble nature and Closeness to Allah.


Our supreme leader has served the Jama’at in very hostile conditions in Africa, undergoing many hardships, without a cry or complain. This is the example we must follow. It is the example of the Prophets.


May Allah enable us to also follow the right path with humility. Ameen