Before the actual proceedings of Jalsa Salana 2014 officially start (with the flag hoisting) , the (rather young) Jalsa Connect team decided to go out and and find the emotions and feelings of Khuddam who have travelled thousands of miles to the UK, just to be part of Jalsa Salana 2014…

So, here they are !

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Bilawal Aleem– President of AMSA (Ahmadiyya Muslim Student Association) Canada

Country: Canada

Age: 20

Occupation: Studying Business IT

” There is nothing like this Jalsa. I have been to many other Jalsa’s, like USA and Canada, but this is truly an international Jalsa. You have the opportunity to see and meet a lot of converts. And you get to see and hear their amazing stories. The atmosphere is awesome. I look really forward to getting very close to Khilafat”


Eslan Onder

Country : Turkey

Age: 14

Occupation: Studying in Secondary School

” This is my 8th time attending Jalsa Salana UK, I have been attending from a very young age. In fact, this is my family’s perception of a ‘holiday’. I really enjoy meeting all the other young khuddam and socialising with them. I must say the spiritual aspect of Jalsa Salana will be very high indeed. In fact, I always find it a blessing that I have the opportunity to attend congregational prayer here. Due to the limited number of us in Turkey, where I live, this opportunity is not available.”


Muzafar Ahmad Ibrahim

Country: Trinidad and Tobago

Age: 29

Occupation: Engineer

” By the grace of Allah this is my 3rd year. I really cannot describe how I feel ….( very long pauses !) … You get a strong spiritual feeling. You meet so many brothers from Ahmadiyyat , its truly a great experience. When you attend Jalsa UK you come to the conclusion that this is the power and beauty of Khilafat, this is the only organisation in the world which has this.  I really don’t know how to say it . The smiles, the atmosphere, its unique”

Muzafar sahib went further to say (rather passionately) ” I WISH WE COULD DO THIS EVERY MONTH”


Alisher Bbrayey

Country: Khazikstan

Age: 16

Occupation : Studying in Secondary School

” This is my first experience. I have converted to Ahmadiyyat , so am new to this experience  convert. The atmosphere here is exceleent – I love it, having the opportunity to see and meet different people makes me very happy . I have also noticed a sense of spirituality around here! “


Tahir Assaf

Country: Palestine

Age: 17

Occupation: Student aspiring to go to Jamia Ahmadiyya

“This is my second Jalsa, I am really excited its really a new experience every time , or so I imagine. You will be surrounded by people who really believe in god, are close to him and you will learn , at this Jalsa, ways to attain nearness to Allah. I am really exited to participate int eh Bai’at on Sunday, because we all know , the Khalifa is the most important person in the world. And if Allah chooses him as the Khalifa, then of course he must be the best in the world.”

Summing up Jalsa Tahir said ” There are many events taking place in the world, festivals etc. However, this Jalsa is the chosen event by God”


Zaki Firdaus

Country: Indonesia

Age: 34

Occupation : Employee

“It’s my first Jalsa experience in the United Kingdom and I am very glad and happy to be here. The main reason being, so that I can meet Khalifatul Masih (may God strengthen His hand) and Ahmadi brothers around the world. These 3 days are blessed days and everyone can benefit from them. I look forward to gain knowledge on Taleem and Tarbiyyat.”


Share with us, your emotions and feelings when it comes to Jalsa .