Over 70% of the Qur’an is stories. Stories of past Prophets, past peoples, and past parables as examples of how we should live our lives today. Allah, in His perfect and Divine wisdom, chose to convey knowledge of truth to us through stories. Jalsa UK is a one story today. A true story, that worldwide Muslim unity is not a myth or fantasy—it is a reality manifested by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community under the divine institution of Khilafat. It is up to us Ahmadi Muslims to tell that story through the means available to us so the world can see the true blessing that is Khilafat. So this Jalsa, to help tell that story, take time to complete as many of these 7 tasks as possible:

  1. Before Jalsa begins, write to beloved Huzoor (aba) only to share your love for him and to pray for his strength. After Jalsa ends, write to beloved Huzoor (aba) again and offer your congratulations on a successful Jalsa, insha’Allah.
  2. Take an iconic image of Jalsa. It could be the Jalsa Gah, the food hall, parking, or children playing. Share the image on social media with hashtag #JalsaConnect. Do this every day of Jalsa.
  3. Take a selfie with an Ahmadi Muslim from a different ethnic or racial background and post it on social media with hashtag #JalsaConnect. Do this every day of Jalsa.

4. Look for a non-Ahmadi guest and greet him or her with a smile and a welcome. Tell them your name and ask for their name. Learn about who they are and what brought them to Jalsa. They are the honoured guests of the Promised Messiah (as) so we should overwhelm them with love and affection.

5. Find someone in need of help at Jalsa and help them. It could be helping a child get food, helping an elderly person to their car, or even transporting someone to or from the Jalsa gah.

6. Make a new friend from a different country, exchange phone numbers and emails, and keep in touch with them on a weekly basis with the intent to meet up again in one year at Jalsa UK 2019, insha’Allah. When you meet them at Jalsa 2019, bring them a small gift of appreciation for their friendship.

7. Make sure you’ve paid your Jalsa chanda and ensure everyone in your immediate family has paid. If someone in your family is struggling to fulfil their Jalsa chanda obligation, help them. 

May Allah bless every Ahmadi Muslim during this Jalsa and all our guests, and continue to strengthen the hands of our beloved Imam Hazrat Khalifatul Masih V (aba), Ameen.

By Qasim Rashid – @MuslimIQ via twitter