A Childhood Treasure


If you’re an Ahmadi Muslim reading this, you’re probably wearing the ring. If you’re a non-Muslim or a non-Ahmadi, chances are you’ve seen someone or just about every Ahmadi person you’ve ever come across with a ring on their right hand with an Arabic engraving. The words on this ring are from The Holy Qur’an which translate to: “Is Allah not sufficient for His servant?”.

I clearly remember receiving my first ring as a kid in Qadian, India. Admittedly, as an 8-year-old, I didn’t fully comprehend the essence behind this shiny new piece of jewelry.

As an adult continuously learning about my religion, I understand that it is a constant reminder of the fact that no matter what trials or tribulations we go through, regardless of the ups and downs of life, in happiness or in sorrow, we must remember God Almighty through it all. I also understand that sometimes we forget that it’s not a mere fashion statement. I mean, sure, you can get it in various designs of beautiful calligraphy, et cetera. However, its true value is in the words it holds and even more so, in the continuous conscious understanding of its possessor. This should be the mindset of every true believer, which helps us to not only maintain, but also, to strengthen our faith in God Almighty and prevent us from becoming helpless in the face of adversity.

God Almighty is the only One always with us; He is indeed sufficient.

Dr. Bushra Rahman Khan
Guyana, South America



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