Asher Mehmood is almost six months now, and he is enjoying his very first Jalsa Salana at home with his family. Sometimes moaning or crying, but often staring at the TV screen wondering why he is suddenly allowed to watch TV! 

While playing, he has glanced over once or twice at the person on the TV screen, though not actually knowing whom this special person really is. He must be wondering why I keep pointing at the screen and shouting, “Asher, Huzoor (aba)!” or sometimes “Asher ke Huzoor (aba) kahan hain?!…..wo hain!” (“Where is Asher’s Huzoor (aba)”?….“There he is.”) 

After multiple attempts, finally Asher is smiling and looking at Huzoor (aba), glancing back to look at his mother’s satisfied face, while she holds back the tears! 

Written by Sidra Younas

Langen, Germany


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