The Sunday of the Annual Convention (Jalsa Salana) is considered an extremely momentous and emotional day for all the tens of thousands of Ahmadi Muslims attending as it marks the life-changing Bai’at (pledge of allegiance) ceremony where the devoted disciples of the Caliph pledge their sincerity and allegiance to him and pledge to fulfil the ten commandments of Bai’at. It is a remarkable view, where perfectly organized streams of loving Ahmadis are lined up seated on their knees. The arrival of His Holiness transformed the ocean of Ahmadis into a pin-drop silence as their eyes are transfixed at the awe and majesty of this man of God. His Holiness announce that the words of bai’at would now be read out, and members should repeat each word after him. Through Allah’s grace and mercy, all members are facing their Imam while holding on to the shoulder of the person in front, forming a chain of people that carries the spiritual current of the Caliph through the thousands of people present and to the millions joining through the MTA. The emotional proclamation of thousands of echoes in unison as they repeat after their Beloved Imam the words of the pledge, predicated on the belief in the oneness and supremacy of Almighty Allah (Tawheed), wherein the arena fills with perfect peace and spirituality that is beyond expression.


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