By Nasir Mirza

“And everybody, lift.. and keep going, keep going.. and down – good job, mashallah”.. as we put down our last food container. The time is 1 o’clock and we have just received our delivery in European food, filling the marquee with a delicious smell. We have finished laying the tables, water bottles and cups are in place and we are gearing up for the lunch time rush. The menu today consists of daal and rice as well as the extremely popular pasta; we have laid out three tables full so people can take their meal and begin eating.

Jalsa: Providing nourishment for the stomach and the soul!

Our first visitors arrive and we direct them to fill all the available space. This year we have been relocated directly opposite the main Jalsa Gah so there is minimal delay between the end of jalsa proceedings and the start of our work. As well as setting up, laying the tables and serving the food, we have to make sure that there is a constant flow of people through the marquee (we have also set up tables behind the tent for the overflow), making sure the tables stay stocked up with water and cups, clearing the tables and emptying the bins. The flow of people continues and eventually slows as we manage, with Allahs bountiful grace, to serve our clients.

It’s hot and heavy work.. but it’s a privilege to do so as we know that we are feeding the guests of the Promised Messiah. As the host of the International Jalsa Salana you do feel an extra responsibility to make sure you do your part, no matter what the duty is. First day of Jalsa Salana UK with Huzoors address being relayed whilst you work; there really are days when you realise the blessings of being part of Allah’s community – you just wouldn’t wish to be anywhere else..