And after his Holiness said ‘Allahu Akbar’, we all bowed down in prostration. Soon enough, I could hear some members in the mosque not too far from me and those thousands of miles away in Jalsa Gah sobbing and weeping through the television. You can never imagine an individual’s reasons for doing so. What is certain though is that the Sadja of Shukr (prostration of thanks) after the initiation ceremony (Ba’ait) makes you feel the weight of the responsibilities that lie ahead and beg for steadfastness and patience to fulfil the promises being made.

The Ba’ait Ceremony at the International Jalsa Salana is a moment millions of Ahmadi Muslim around the globe unite together in body and soul, placing our hands under the Khalifa’s. Rendering and submitting our time, wealth and honour for the sake of the peaceful propagation of Islam to far remote corners and villages of the world. This act of submission makes some members weep for Allah’s assistance to keep up with the 10 conditions of Ba’ait*. This is a daily and ongoing exercise which is what true Jihad (struggle in the way of Allah) actually is, a way of personal reformation. 

Many use the moment to thank Allah for the immense grace He continues to shower on this blessed community and which He has done since inception.  The community has continuously spread from a remote, unknown village in the world (Qadian) in 1889 to the far ends of over 200 countries today. Despite abuse faced by some members of the community, this divine Jama’at continues to drive forward and propagate the message of true Islam.

In the present world, unrest of life is the order of the day, young and old keep looking up for the prophesised Messiah to descend. They cry for divine intervention and demand for a solution to their predicament, yet they neglect the appointed one on earth and are not ready to accept the Imam of the age.

Yet, what the rest of the Muslim world neglects has been a blessing for us in the Ahmadiyya Community. Members of the community in over 200 countries of the world bow down together at the same time, whether it is afternoon in the UK, or morning in the United States or evening in Japan, millions bow down at the same time to appreciate Allah for his mercy. All members at the same time reach out to Allah Almighty seeking more of His mercy and blessings for the community at large.

Later, we all rise up from prostration and at this moment, I no longer hear anyone weeping but see members with bright smiles, like someone whose burden has been taken off, congratulating one another with handshakes and hugs in the mosque as we watch Huzoor (atba) leave the hall. That moment is once again fast approaching, a moment filled with Allah’s grace and one where many in the world bow down in prostration and pray to weep no more.

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By Oniyide Mujeeb Olajide