With the annual convention, Jalsa Salana UK 2015, in full swing, it should be duly noted by all Ahmadis and those who wish to be in attendance that in spite of the chance of bad weather, the three day event will still be held. InshAllah.
Incisively, just as Allah the Exalted has willed for the message of Ahmadiyyat to be spread to the corners of the Earth, so too has He willed for the Jalsa Salana to take place come rain or come shine.
With regards to the weather forecast for Hadeeqatul Mahdi, Alton, the chance of rain is probable, however the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community have done as much as possible to cater for the event of such weather.
We should all be aware that irrespective of the weather, all who can should be in attendance to gain the benefits and spiritual enlightenment and sustenance of the Jalsa Salana. With the remembrance of Allah the Exalted and His Prophet Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa (may the Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him), as well as the teachings of the Promised Messiah (upon whom be peace), under the banner of ‘Jalsa Salana’ as the theme for the three days and with the significant motto of ‘Love For All Hatred For None’ encouraging the propagation of peace, unity, love of God and love of humanity, attending the Jalsa Salana even during bad weather will only cause gain rather than any loss.
From the archives: Thankfully this year isn’t so bad!

In attending Jalsa despite the chance of torrential downpour, each person is given the gift of knowledge if nothing else and to seek out blessings and knowledge is an integral part of Islam that helps one obtain nearness to our Creator.
Anyone thinking of missing Jalsa Salana UK 2015 due to the chance of rain should entirely reconsider their plan for the long weekend, as well as reevaluate their priorities.
Religion comes before anything else and Jalsa Salana is a away to reignite and fan the flames of religion that are burning deep within our hearts.
May Allah the Almighty guide us all and make Jalsa Salana UK 2015 successful.
InshaAllah, Ameen.