Jalsa is here again! Peace be with you all brothers and sisters coming to our Jalsa this year. Every year, hundreds of volunteers give up their time to perform different duties, such as discipline, security and litter-picking. 

Think of me on litter duty – I and scores of our other Ahmadi brothers and sisters wouldn’t be busy if you didn’t bring your litter. (That’s not to say you shouldn’t bin your litter!) When you come for Jalsa, bring your Ahmadi spirit of peace and warmth. Bring that beaming smile and wish at least one person peace and blessings – just because they (and you) are an Ahmadi – and do the same even if they are not! Think of the hundreds of others unseen and unsung volunteers working tirelessly for the success of our Jalsa and the comfort of our guests. 

Some don’t even have time to sleep, such is their devotion to their duty. Think of those who have traveled so far to partake in this spiritual gathering, overcoming many difficulties. Think also of those who yearn to come but are unable to make the journey. Reflect on the words of our beloved Hudhur, the spiritual nazms and speeches.

Take humble pride in the dozens of fluttering national flags that represent each country present, showing how we as the community of the Promised Messiah (as) are witnessing the history which was prophesised before! Imagine thousands of people from all over the world coming here to the UK. 

United in love for Humanity, United in love for our Caliph and united in love for our community. Love For All Hatred for None. One could say Ahmadiyyat does what it says on the tin!