This year, Jalsa Salana United Kingdom, has been televised to tens of millions around the globe through MTA and of course Jalsa Connect! The response has been phenomenal with many people tweeting in and leaving some truly inspirational comments.

By the sheer grace of Allah this year’s Jalsa is also being televised by Ghana National TV,  Sierra Leone National TV and also a channel in Nigeria.

The broadcast is reaching well over 16 million people  across Africa and the newspapers and radio stations are giving regular and daily updates for Jalsa Salana 2014!

We caught up with Major Albert Don Chebe , Director of Ghana’s national public broadcaster, run by the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation. G..B.C TV. and asked what kind of impact Jalsa Salana has on the public of Ghana and society at large.

Here is what he had to say:

“Well as you know by now the Ahmadiyya community in Ghana is highly respected because its been involved with a lot of social work in Ghana. The jamaat provides high quality education, very good medical services and Maulwi Wahab , who we recently lost, has been a peace maker. Therefore, he has left a mark in the hearts of the people of Ghana.”

“The Muslim Community stands for peace, for unity, for diversity and for development. By broadcasting the Jalsa in Ghana, can only reinforce that this community is a community of peace and love…”

” …What I take away from here is the orderliness , the discipline and the friendliness of everyone , and i believe that  all these values can be useful for the people of Ghana…”

“…by seeing how multicultural institutions can work and ensure peace unity and purpose is for me is a learning which the people of Ghana love to have. Therefore broadcasting this Jalsa Salana in Ghana makes it available to everyone, you can see how in the United Kingdom you can have this gathering of people from all corners of the world and you can have peace, love and absolute security and for me this, as an ex-army officer, is very important.”


By the grace of Allah the world is realising that this event is no worldly festival, but is a convention which has such spiritual powers that whole nations can be reformed by participating in this.

Share your thoughts and feelings with us.

How has Jalsa Salana 2014 affected you?