With Jalsa Salana United Kingdom  in full flow, the Jalsa Connect team decided to venture out and find out what exactly our young British khuddam are getting up to, after all, they are the hosts of this very blessed convention.

So after wrestling through  the various departments in Jalsa, we managed to catch Khuddam who were, well lets say, rather busy in their volunteering work.

Here they are, the best of the British 🙂


Musawir Dogar

Department: Special Arrangements

Age: 19

My task was to set everything up for the inauguration ,which took place yesterday. I had to literally build the stage , we had to set the carpet out, stapling it in place where needed. I also had to take care of all the interior work that needed to be done. “

This work is brilliant, during Jalsa there’s a unique feeling within me, which ignites a  fire inside to go out and help in whatever way I can. We must remember the people who attend Jalsa, travel huge distances to participate in this spiritual atmosphere. We where we can, we must ensure we take very special care of these guests. That is why I volunteer every year and help in whatever way possible”

Muhammad Ahmad Khalid

Department: Hygiene

Age: 23

” So basically, we supply all the toilets with the correct equipment to clean. So tissues, Lota’s , toilet rolls, soap etc. But we do our work at specific times, so when its not too busy we go inside. You know give it a quick wash make sure its clean, especially prior to Namaz. we have been here since last week Saturday, we are literally doing this 24 hours. I start at 7am and work through out the day.”

“I change duties every year so that I can get the whole experience. It’s a true blessing  serving the guests of the Promised Messiah (as), especially as the hosts it incumbent that we serve and help as much as possible”

Hasham Ahmad

Department: MTA studio

Age: 25

“My primary objective was the designing and building of the MTA studios for this year’s Jalsa. Essentially, the designing starts many months prior to Jalsa Salana. We start building it after it had been designed and this is the part where my D&T Design Material skills come in play, which I learnt in Secondary School! We get the saw, hammer and nails out and actually build this set ourselves”

“During Jalsa, we have to make sure the set is looking the part and up to scratch. Also when the presenters are ‘On Air’ we make sure all the technical aspects are taken care of”.

“I am a medical student. And it’s a very special feeling taking weeks off my studies just to serve the guests of the Promised Messiah (as). Many people really cannot understand the huge blessings involved in this work. The only time you will understand and feel these blessings is when you, yourself, will volunteer and sacrifice your time.”


Hamza Sultan

Department: Roti Plant (bread making factory)

Age: 16

I really enjoy working here. My job is to add flour to the ‘Piras’ (dough balls) so that they don’t start sticking to the machinery or each other. By adding flour to the dough balls you also make the Roti (bread) softer and its much more tastier! “

I currently study in the UK and spend most of the year here, and so you can say I am a British Khadim. However, my family is from the Netherlands and so I have travelled just to do Waqfe Arzi here from the Netherlands. We are of course gaining blessings which are a must for every khadim.  Success lies with serving the jamaat”

Where have you volunteered in Jalsa Salana?

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