Nasirat form a large part of the female attendance at the Jalsa Salana and also contribute greatly by helping to keep thirst at bay in the ladies’ Jalsa Gah. You can regularly see these lovely girls carrying around large bottles of water and offering them to people. Here, we catch up with a member of Nasirat, to find out about her memories of this blessed event and how she prepares for the annual Jalsa Salana.

Jalsa Connect: What is your name, how old are you and where are you from?

KM: My name is Kantah Mubarik, I am 12 years old and I am from Doncaster.

JC: How many Jalsas have you attended?

KM: I have attended 10 Jalsas so far.

JC: What duty will you be doing at this year’s Jalsa and how do you feel about it?

KM: I am going to be doing the water duty for the first time this year. I feel very nervous because I’m afraid I might get lost and that I will have to be away from my mum. But I also feel really excited at the same time because I might also make new friends and meet lots of people.

JC: What is your favourite thing about Jalsa?

KM: My favourite thing about Jalsa is when Huzoor (aba) comes to the ladies’ marquee to wave goodbye and I stand up and wave to him too. I get so excited because I can see really see him standing there in front of me and not just on the TV screen.

JC: What do you do to prepare for Jalsa?

KM: When leaving for the journey towards Jalsa I always help my sister make sandwiches so that everyone in the car will have something to eat if they get hungry. I have to also make sure that I have my aims ID card with me so that I will be allowed in. On the actual day of Jalsa, I like to carry my own backpack, which will have snacks in it in case any of my sisters get hungry.  I also like to take spare shoes with me just in case it might rain.    

JC: After Jalsa is over, what do you remember the most about it?

KM: What I remember the most is the Ba’ait ceremony which takes place on the last day of Jalsa. I always think about the way the men are sat in lines to face Huzoor (aba). I feel so excited to see everyone repeat the words after Huzoor (aba) and then when everyone does sajdah, I take part in it too. I also remember the different types of food stalls, where I can eat kulfi ice cream and samosas and those are always so delicious.

JC: Jazakallah for giving us such a great insight into your experience of Jalsa.