There are some very blessed people who get to experience multiple Jalsas that take place across the world. Here, the Jalsa connect team speak to a wonderful member of Lajna, who has been fortunate enough to attend Jalsas over three continents, over the years.

Jalsa Connect: What is your name and where are you from?

QN: My name is Qamar Un Nisa and I am originally from Pakistan, but spent many years living in Africa.

JC: How many Jalsas have you attended?

QN: About 5 UK Jalsas over the years, 26 Jalsas in Africa, 1 in Pakistan and 1 in Germany.

JC: What would you say is your fondest memory out of all these?

QN: Huzoor’s (aba) Lajna Sessions at the UK Jalsa and to be able to actually see Huzoor (aba) in person Alhamdolillah. Each Jalsa has its own beautiful memory, but nothing can compare to seeing beloved Huzoor (aba) and to feel so close to Khilafat.

JC: What is the first word that comes to mind when you think of Jalsa Salana and why?

QN: Khilafat. Wherever you attend Jalsa in the world, Khilafat is always the underlying theme and focus of the Jalsa. Attending these Jalsa’s strengthens our bond with Khilafat and also increases our appreciation of it. UK Jalsas are specifically blessed due to our beloved Huzoor’s (aba) presence, Alhamdolillah.

JC: How would you say Jalsa Salana has changed over the years?

QN: I would say that Security has definitely improved greatly due to the changes in worldly situations. Before, everything was more relaxed because these kinds of problems were very rare and everybody felt safe, but now it has become necessary to increase our Jalsa security and for all of us to be more vigilant.

JC: How do you prepare for Jalsa?

QN: First and foremost with prayers, I always pray that the Jalsa takes place safely and that there are no problems. I pray that Allah the almighty blesses all the workers, who give so much of their time to serve the Jama’at and enables us all to enjoy the full blessings of Jalsa.

JC: What are you most looking forward to at Jalsa this year?

QN: I am really looking forward to reaping the blessings associated with attending the Jalsa this year.

JC: Jazakallah for your time.