With the 50th Jalsa Salana UK right around the corner, we asked local Nasirat girls from New Malden Jama’at to look back and share some of their favourite Jalsa memories with us.

“Every year the excitement of going back to the Jalsa Gah is unbelievable, sitting with your family for 3 whole days and listening to Huzoor’s speeches.
One of my best memories would be when my cousins and I would all go out to do duties and help in the Jalsa Gah, running around to get water for people.
Another one of my favourite memories is when Huzoor came to the children’s marquee and my little cousin was standing right next to the door when Huzoor walked in and she was given flowers to give to Huzoor. Huzoor spoke to her and put his hand over her head as a sign of affection. These are just two of my memories and it is amazing how this is our 50th Jalsa coming up! I am really looking forward to Jalsa Salana 2016 “

– Shaista Manan Aged 12

“My favourite Jalsa memory is having a sleepover in Jalsa Gah with my mum and sitting in the buggies and going around the Jalsa site on them.” 

– Aneezah Akbar Aged 10

“My favourite Jalsa memory is having breakfast in the morning in the Jalsa Gah and playing with my friends. I also like to go to the toyshops and buy new things.” 

– Sabikah Nudrat Akbar Aged 8


“One of my favourite Jalsa moments is when my cousin and I line up in the chips stall and buy a bag of hot chips, then find a nice spot to sit down and enjoy them whilst listening to the speeches!”

Inayah Ahmed aged 10

“My best memory from Jalsa is camping on the Jalsa site. I like going camping because you can be more relaxed and have more time rather than driving home every day and waking up early to get there on time. After spending the day at Jalsa all the family can get together in the tent. Everyone has food together and we then sleep in our warm sleeping bags. I also liked working in the Tabligh marquee with my father and helping him set up the tables and chairs for the guests. I used to give him ideas about how to decorate the marquee.”

Halima Ahmad Aged 11

“My favourite things about Jalsa are camping, helping with things and playing with friends. For the last few years we have been camping at the Jalsa site. The thing I like most is waking up in the fresh air of the green fields and not having to drive a long way from home. I like helping my dad with the Tabligh marquee by putting up posters, setting up the tables and chairs, helping put the food out and helping with the Q&A sessions. Another thing I like about Jalsa is meeting friends and family and sometimes even making new friends. We get lots of time to play games with all our friends.”

Saleha Ahmad Aged 9

“My favourite Jalsa memory was in 2009. I always enjoy going to Jalsa as I normally get bored at home and want to do something different. But, I really enjoyed doing water duty for the first time in 2009, as I was able to walk around and meet some old friends.”

– Shazia Ajmal Aged 12

“After waiting for a whole year, Jalsa is finally back! For me, Jalsa is the best time of the year. It is a time where you get to do duties and get sawaab from Allah, listen to all the different speeches and learn lots of amazing things, meet new people and make new friends, get to take part in the ba’ait and most importantly not missing out even one Namaz. All of these things put together make every Jalsa a lovely experience.”

– Hania Ahmad – Aged 13

“My most memorable moment was when I got lost at Jalsa. I had entered the Jalsa site with my best friend, my mum and my two sisters. We went to the census area (I did not know that this was where my mum and sister were doing duty) we read Namaz and me and my best friend went to do water duty. However, during that time we got separated and both of us had no idea what to do. Then at around lunch time my mum found me and my sister found my friend. My mum then told us that the place where we first went was where they were doing duty. We then sat down to enjoy the rest of the Jalsa proceedings.”
– Shumaila Bhatti Aged 12