Khidmat e Khalq

Khidmat e Khalq

By Aleem Zia

Khidmat e Khalq (service to humanity) is a department which helps in the running of a large portion the Jalsa. This includes the car park department, Amoomi [security], cleanliness etc… Volunteers work tirelessly from as early as 3 weeks before the Jalsa to ensure that everything runs smoothly for the three days. In the car park, cars come in throughout the day and congestion would be very likely if it wasn’t for the volunteers who stand in the scorching heat from above and the dust from the ground beneath to marshal the cars in the best possible manner. The hygiene department carry out their tasks tirelessly in fulfilment of the commands of Allah and to gain spiritual blessings. Islam has two parts to it. Service to Allah and service to the creation of Allah. Khidmat e Khalq [service to humanity] is a primary way of achieving this aspect of Islam. Those under this department can gain special blessings from Allah for the work they do.

Amoomi [security] is a fundamental department which has been assigned the duty to help protect the Jalsa site and all the guests of the Promised Messiah (as). They must stay alert 24 hours a day and cover the whole Jalsa site to ensure everything is in proper order.

This tradition of security traces back to the time of the Holy Prophet (sa) in fact it is a practice of the Holy Prophet (sa) himself. As such, there is a narration that one night there was a clamour in Madīnah. People came out of their homes anxiously, and headed in the direction of the clamour. The people had only proceeded a short distance when they saw the Holy Prophet (sa) returning from the opposite direction, riding on the bare back of the horse of Abū Ṭalḥah (ra), with his sword hanging at his side. When the Holy Prophet (sa) drew near, he said to his Companions, “I have investigated the matter. Nothing to worry about, nothing to worry about.”

(Sahih Muslim, Hadith 6006)

This shows that the Holy Prophet (sa) himself would stay awake and help protect the streets of Madinah and protect its citizens. Similarly, a department has been established at the Jalsa which carries out these tasks in light of the teachings of Islam and the Holy Prophet (sa).

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