Tabshir Dinner

Tabshir Dinner

By Aleem Zia

This is a dinner which takes place at Hadiqatul Mahdi on an annual basis during Jalsa Salana UK. However, a lot of attendees of the Jalsa might not be aware about it. The conclusion of Saturday’s formal sessions means that Huzoor (aba) has already delivered four addresses at the Jalsa. However, the day’s work is far from done. When all the attendees of the Jalsa start preparing to go home and and look forward to coming back the next day, Huzoor (aba) has another huge event to follow on his agenda for the day. This is a dinner with around 2000 Tabshir guests in the presence of Huzoor (aba). This includes missionaries of the community from within and outside the UK as well as external guests, MPs and dignitaries. Preparations for this get well underway hours before the event to ensure everything is in perfect place. The marquee which originally is used to host the Tabshir guests, is converted in to a dining hall for thousands graced by Hazrat Khalifatul-Masih (aba).

Huzoor’s (aba) engagements at the Jalsa increase manifold. However, Huzoor (aba) is able to carry them out without tiring because Huzoor (aba) is divinely guided by God Almighty. This is also another sign of the truthfulness of the Jama’at. The Promised Messiah (as) received a revelation which stated:

“Remember that a time is coming when people will come to you in large numbers. It is incumbent upon you not to be arrogant towards them and you must not get tired of receiving them in large numbers.”

(Khutbah Ilhamiyyah, p. 10, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 16, p. 41)

Upon closer analysis of these words, one can understand that this revelation has been fulfilled to the letter. During the three days of the Jalsa alone, as well as delivering 5 keynote addresses, Huzoor (aba) graciously tours the Jalsa site, has meetings with countless delegations who have travelled from across the globe and graces his presence at this dinner which his attended by thousands. Huzoor (aba) carries out all these tasks with a smile on his face proving that this is not the work of an ordinary man, it is the work of Allah the Almighty.

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