*The JalsaConnect Team takes full responsibility for any errors or miscommunication in this Summary of the Friday Sermon.*

The first session of Jalsa Salana UK 2016 began with Huzoor’s Friday Sermon. Huzoor (atba) reminded us that Jalsa Salana is not like any ordinary gathering, festival or funfair.  This is a spiritual gathering where we should all strive to gain knowledge and excel in our spirituality.

We should listen closely to the speeches; the topics are first decided by a committee, following which the speakers are allocated.  

Those who come to the Jalsa should make it a point to be in the marquee when proceedings are taking place and they should listen to all the proceedings.

Sometimes complaints are received that some people form small groups and spend their time outside the marquee talking, allowing their children to play, while the speeches are being delivered. If this is done, children will not understand the sanctity and importance of the Jalsa.

Women with young children should go to the children’s marquee, as these children will not understand the speeches and may disturb others.  In the main marquee, children should not be playing. 

We should be mindful that the speakers have gone to a lot of effort to prepare these speeches. If everyone listens attentively, as advised by the Promised Messiah (as), our men and women would benefit greatly. 

If people do not listen properly, no matter how great the speech is, they will attain no benefit whatsoever. 

Some people only like to listen to speeches delivered by those they know and like, and they attend the Jalsa just to listen to those speeches. The Promised Messiah (as) said that you should not only go for what a person looks like, but look at and listen to what is being said. Whatever we do, we should do it for the sake of Allah the Almighty.

Some people who deliver speeches do so with the intention of becoming famous. Their main intention should be that their speech is a means of spiritual uplift for those listening. 

When the Promised Messiah (as) draws our attention to any matter, it is to ensure that the actions of the minority do not become the norm, for example, chatting during Jalsa speeches.  Our youth should keep this in mind, and should keep the purpose of Jalsa in mind. 

If the Jalsa is not spiritually benefitting us in any way, then we should be very worried. Every individual who takes part in the Jalsa should make it a point to forget about worldly issues. 

There are people who have volunteered to render their services to the guests of the Promised Messiah (as), those who have alternative jobs, even those in a superior rank, but they hold a passion to look after the guests of the Promised Messiah (as).

At times, there are guests that do not treat the workers properly; the workers should either ignore that or deal with it in a dignified manner. Show patience if a worker may say something harsh, and the guests should respect the workers and not treat them in a way to cause distress. 

Some children come to work with passion and zeal, but after being treated badly by their superiors, they do not feel like continuing with that task. This kind of treatment is not correct. 

Guests should not come here expecting VIP service. Yes, they should be treated well and correctly, but they should not let their expectations go to their heads. Be understanding, do not get angry and start a fight.

Huzoor (atba) stated that last year, a Lajna member requested air conditioning for the marquees. Huzoor  (atba) said it is difficult to arrange for air conditioning in a marquee. During Jalsa Saana Qadian, despite the cold, everyone sits outside and listens to the proceedings, bearing the cold weather. So if the guests here have to bear some difficulties, they should bear them.

The hosts should try to see to the comfort of the guests as much as they can. During these days of Jalsa Salana, the guests should try to please Allah and they should seek the help of Allah in protection from harm. May Allah protect us all from those that seek to cause mischief.

Some people have come here with children and because of changes in the weather, this may be difficult for these children. Pray to Allah to protect us from all kinds of harms.  For acceptance of prayers, do full justice to worship.  

There were also some difficulties with bedding for those staying overnight and who may have come late. Huzoor (atba) instructed the workers to ensure that there is no deficiency tonight.

Huzoor (atba) instructed that if there are delays with food or any other issues, Huzoor (atba) should be informed and efforts will be made to delay the prayer slightly to allow everyone to participate. However, every effort should be made to come to prayer on time and avoid disturbing everyone. Huzoor instructed the Tarbiyyat department to pay attention to this. 

Allah the Almighty rewards everyone for everything, including waiting in the mosque for prayer. Members should make every effort to seek these blessings.  Make every effort not to disturb the prayers, including turning off your phone or at least the ringtone. 

Everyone should also cooperate with the transport department and parking. Also cooperate with the scanning department. These arrangements have been made for security and the comfort of all attendees.

Everyone should be vigilant of any unusual activity and the administration should be alerted. However, no one should panic.  Everyone should be mindful of their belongings, especially ladies with their jewelry, though these valuable items should not be brought to Jalsa. This is not a worldly activity. Everyone should pay attention to their spiritual improvement in these three days, not their dress or worldly items. 

Pay special attention to your prayers in these three days. Offer durood. Huzoor (atba) prayed for the blessings of this Jalsa and the protection of all attendees.