by Rija Ahsan, Canada


It is related that the Holy Prophet, Peace and Blessing of Allah be upon him, stated  “The similitude of believers in regard to mutual love, affection, fellow-feeling is that of one body; when any limb of it aches, the whole body aches, because of sleeplessness and fever.” [Muslim]


Each Ahmadi is a ‘cell’ in the Ahmadiyya body.

Some fifteen  hundred years later, the world witnesses a butchered and bleeding Muslim body that has not yet ceased hurting itself. This body is in extreme pain. The wounds are deep and the healing will be long and painful. Its cries for help can be heard far and wide. The Merciful Allah has graciously blessed this anguished body with an anecdote, which stings at first, but guarantees healing. While a very small portion of the body has begun healing, much of the body remains damaged yet vehemently resists the medication.


The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is this blessed anecdote, sent down by Allah himself through the hands of the awaited Mehdi and Messiah, Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad.  This medication consists of the very essences of Islam which are peace, love and unity. The Ahmadiyya motto is “love for all, hatred for none”. It is an Islam that only teaches to love, love, and love some more. The community preaches peace in any corner of the world it is established, regardless of the fact that it is the constantly oppressed and attacked by others. The community is bound under the leadership of one Khalifa, making it very united and thus powerful.

The Khalifa is the heart, the community spreads out as arteries and spreads Allah’s blessings to the whole International Ahmadiyya Muslim body

We Ahmadis are the embodiment of this anecdote, and we have to produce a lot more of this medication for it is in urgent need.  Annual conventions are held in different parts of the world for three days in order to make more medication and fix any spoiling medication.


Foreigners, neighbors, strangers, and family all sit side by side under one roof as brothers and sisters. Faith is strengthened but so are bonds of companionship and love with and for each other. Massive numbers of people cooperate with one another peacefully Banners with messages of love and peace hang from the walls. There is cheer and joy. There is a sense of obedience and loyalty to the Khalifa. There is a wish in every heart to become a better human being, to serve humanity, to love everybody regardless of differences and beliefs, and all in all to please the Almighty Allah. Ahmadis retire to their homes on the last day filled with a sense of love and unity, a sense of strengthened loyalty and pride in their beliefs, and a desire to help others and guide them to this path. The Muslim body can be saved and Insha’Allah will be saved. We must go out and we must heal those suffering.