By Musatafa Siddiqi

With just two days left until Jalsa Salana UK 2015, that unique Jalsa buzz is filling the air. Tweets are being posted, trucks are being loaded and bags all over the world are being packed. But what is the reason behind all of this?

Essentially, why do we actually hold Jalsa Salana? For what purpose do 30,000 people from all over the world descend upon a former farm in the middle of the English countryside? And what motivates thousands of men and women to give up hours of their time, working round the clock with inspiring zeal, humility and dedication?

While we’re all at Jalsa, we must keep in mind the real reason we’re there – to progress spiritually. To advance closer to God and to gain His Love and Nearness. The Promised Messiah (as) says about Jalsa:

“The primary purpose of this Convention is to enable every sincere individual to personally experience religious benefits; They may enhance their knowledge and – due to their being blessed and enabled by Allah, The Exalted – their perception [of Allah] may progress. Among its secondary benefits is that this congregational meeting together will promote mutual introduction among all brothers, and it will strengthen the fraternal ties within this Community…”

(Ishtihar 7 Dec. 1892, Majmoo`ah Ishtiharat Vol. I, Page 340)

This is what everything at Jalsa is geared towards. Throughout the three days, a whole variety of programmes will take place both inside and outside the main Jalsa Gah, and the main aim of these will be to remind us of the importance of building and developing a relationship with the Almighty Creator.

About the purpose of Jalsa, Huzur (atba) said in his Friday Sermon of last year’s Jalsa Salana, on 29th August 2014:

‘Every individual participating in Jalsa Salana should make sure that his journey and coming here is purely for the sake of Allah, and make seeking the pleasure of Allah his purpose. If not, then, despite bearing difficulties and spending money, he won’t be fulfilling the purpose of Jalsa. This is thus a great responsibility for all those participating in Jalsa.’

May Allah enable us all to properly understand the true purpose of the truly momentous occasion that is Jalsa Salana, so that we can derive maximum possible benefit from it and gain His Love and nearness. Ameen.