I was strolling around the Jalsa Gah after Jummah, revelling in the wonderful atmosphere when I noticed a lively conversation between a member of the Ansarullah (“Ansar”) and a few members of our Atfal.

He was informing them of the etiquettes and manners expected of an Ahmadi Muslim when guest speakers are delivering their speeches, and above all when Huzoor (atba) is speaking.

After he had lovingly told the Atfal of how they should behave, I asked him if he would answer a few questions for me.

His name is Zafar Ullah Jamal and he is on the Tarbiyyat team. He said it was a pleasure to speak to me regarding his duty at Jalsa as he feels it is a very special one. He said:

‘It is always a pleasure to wait for Jalsa. To put my share in the huge task where at least 2000 volunteers are helping to make this event a success for over 30,000 people from all around the world; from all walks of life and religions. I always make time from all other activities to attend Jalsa and perform my duty during these three days. To keep discipline during these three days is extremely important. I always put my emphasis on children. It gives me great pleasure in knowing I have helped a young child understand the reasons behind discipline in certain environments. Not all environments are for playing, as not all environments are for being serious and attentive. Every environment requires its own tarbiyyat, I’m glad I help in the religious one!’

Clearly he loves his duty! Masha’Allah. I proceeded to ask him what sacrifices Ahmadis should make for Islam and Ahmadiyyat, as it is an essential element of Tarbiyyat. He replied;

‘In my opinion, all the efforts in this life are to prepare for the eternal life to come. So all the sacrifices must be made for our faith. Financially, physically, mentally and emotionally. Taleem and Tarbiyyat activities are of utmost importance to spread the message of true Islam as well as ensuring that those following it are doing so at their utmost best.’

What a beautiful message: to always strive to do our utmost for our beloved community at the hands of the Khalifah.

He continued to emphasise the pleasure he derives from doing his duty, a role he has carried out for 6 years running.  Even when he tried to assist in another department, the Nazim Tarbiyyat has personally asked him to stay on the Tarbiyyat team as there is a certain way to deal with people, which he does well. He warned me that this role requires extreme patience!

As I thanked him for his time and turned to leave, he grabbed my arm to tell me one last thing:

‘This gathering is not a worldy mela. It is a religious and spiritual gathering to improve us internally and then externally. We must come here to listen to the speeches and take heed. It is you youngsters that can push this with all these social media tactics, so please do so. You are the future.’

He is absolutely right! Jalsa is for our spiritual replenishment. We must always leave Jalsa spiritually full, not just full from the langar!

Wise words from a wise Ansar.