By Fida-ul-Haq

Witnessing grown men crying…

As a child when I would witness the cries of grown men during the international bai’at, it would cause me confusion and also frustration. Why are grown men crying? This is a happy occasion so why all the tears?

It had only dawned upon me last Jalsa why this phenomenon occurs, as I was one of those whose eyes had filled with tears. The sheer emotions and atmosphere of the Bai’t will cause any man, no matter how strong or masculine he may think he is to release some sort of emotion. Whether that be the hairs on the back of his neck rising or the involuntary response of his ducts opening and flowing tears down his cheek.

The repetition of the “Sha’hada” behind Huzoor (may Allah strengthen his hand) and the re-evaluation of the 10 commandments of Ba’it sets a perfect peak of emotions for the final prostration of gratitude (Sajdah-e- Shukr) . This is where many let loose and thank Allah for everything in their life. This is where I realised crying in this Sujood is not due to sorrow but because you are so happy and thankful for your life and the emotions of gratitude are released through your tears. Please share your emotions and feelings surrounding the International Bai’at.