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So the time we were hoping wouldn’t come has arrived, Huzoor’s final address is over, the goodbyes have been said and volunteers are packing up their equipment. After three days of spirituality, friendship and a deep sense of community, the time has come to go back into our daily lives and quite frankly, it’s not the easiest task!

So here we’ve compiled a list of ways to help you through this:

MTA: reaching the corners of the Earth

1. Alhamdolillah MTA will be showing every second of the past three days on repeat this week – firstly from Monday – Wednesday and again the weekend after. Turn the volume up, sit on the floor in front of the tv and have some friends join you. It will feel like Jalsa never left!

2. Connect with Jalsa connect! Just because Jalsa UK is over, doesn’t mean we pack up for good! Send us your messages and pictures of your Jalsa recreations.

3. Rejoice in the ability to make calls again – now that you are no longer in the middle of a field, chances are your phone will be a little more useful than it has been the past three days. So dial up those numbers, call up some friends/family and recreate the community spirit we have had at Jalsa. While you’re at it, make use of your wifi/3G to get back online and get in touch with those further afield, keep up the friendships created during these three days!

Fazl Mosque, London

4. Visit the mosque and embrace the hospitality period in place for guests the week after Jalsa. Visit the langar and continue the aloo gosht diet and continue meeting with guests from around the world before they head back home.

Fazl Mosque prayer hall – get there quick, space is limited!

5. While you’re there, join in congregational prayer behind Huzoor, five times a day. Be quick though. Fazl mosque doesn’t quite have the same capacity as the marquees at Hadeeqatul Mahdi so will get filled up quickly!   6. For a different option, take a trip to Islamabad and continue with the “field vibe” you have become accustomed to. Bonus points if you manage to set up a tv and watch the repeat of Jalsa proceedings! Having previously been the home of Jalsa UK for so many years, the memories of Jalsas past are still front of mind for many when they visit.

The UK isn’t the only country to have a Jalsa Salana!

7. Stay tuned for other Jalsas taking place during the year. Take the opportunity to make the most of each of these and embrace the spirit of Jalsa on each occasion.

Taking today’s lessons into the future

8. Start the countdown.. ! Start booking your flights/hotels/cars and whatever else is necessary for your next Jalsa experience. In the meantime, take the lessons you have learned from this Jalsa and try your best to maintain these throughout your daily lives! 

Have you got the #Jalsablues? Get in touch with us @JalsaConnect and let us know!