Wondering through the guests marquee the Team JS bumped into Amir A. Hashom, a member of the United Nations and founder         of Al Hakim Foundation.

Amir Hashom works in the Human Rights department in the United Nations, and was attending Jalsa Salana for the second time in his life. We decided to ask his views about Jalsa Salana,  for the interest of our Jalsa Connect viewers  . (YOU)

This is what he had to say about Ahmadiyyat and Jalsa Salana:

” Your community has a huge amount of cooperation, I really appreciate this the work  you do for all the community and we really can’t find this any where. Your event is a huge event they told me 30,000 people attend, this is huge and truly amazing”

“The first and most striking aspect of Jalsa Salana is the vilunteering  work  of your community. You can see it everywhere, everyone wants to serve. For example, last year my I was driven around by a ahmadi volunteer who was a dentist! This would never happen.”

” I am also amazed with the youth. They all volunteer to serve, again, you will not witness this else where”

” The Khalifah is a very goof person. He says good things.”

“You people are the victims to people who use religion to serve their own desires and needs. They just call you kafir to fulfil their personal agendas”