The Annual Convention (Jalsa Salana) proceedings always start with Tilawat, being the recitation of selected Arabic verses of the Holy Qur’an. The Holy Qur’an is the sacred word of Allah Almighty that was revealed to the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) as the guide for all mankind, for all times. This Divine book is a great treasure of knowledge which holds an ocean of blessings, so reciting the Holy Qur’an melodiously is a form of worship and earns one a great reward as mentioned by Allah Almighty “And recite the Qur’an melodiously and thoughtfully.” (Ch.73: V.5)

The purpose behind the recitation of the Holy Qur’an is to remind ourselves that all praise belongs to Allah, Lord of all the worlds and to pray to Allah Almighty to always guide us on the right path. So anyone who recites, listens and pounders over the words of the Holy Qur’an with complete obedience, sincerity and respect will lead a person to the truth and certainty of a Living God and whose hearts would be compelled and mesmerised by the majesty and Love of God Almighty.


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