JalsaConnect saw Ronaldo Sahib, sitting on his own and looking like he was in deep thought. Curious as always and eager to know what he was thinking, JalsaConnect nosily went over to ask him some questions…

Name: Ronaldo Cochez

Age: 59

Country: Panama


JalsaConnect: Good morning.

Ronaldo Cochez: Good morning.

JC: How are you today?

RC: Very good, thanks.

JC: Can you tell us – how’s your Jalsa been so far?

RC: I was invited by a friend from Panama. It’s been a great experience – it’s my first time in England! It’s wonderful because I have the opportunity to meet lots of people from different countries. The people are very kind and so nice.

JC: Did you hear Huzur’s speech?

RC: It was wonderful. He mentioned many things about Islam I never knew, particularly about the differences between Ahmadis and non-Ahmadis.

JC: Today in the world we see the name of Islam being used to justify terrorism and the killing of innocents – you’ll have no doubt seen it on the news. How does that ‘Islam’ compare to the environment here at Jalsa?

RC: I really do know that that’s just a small amount of people; it’s not all Muslims. It’s just a tiny fraction of them. We understand that. In Panama, there are a lot of religions, and we are very conscious that it’s not all the Muslims that do that. We know that.

JC: Would you like to add anything else?

RC: That I really appreciate being here because it’s the best way to truly understand Islam.

JC: Thank you.

RC: Thank you.