By Amina Ali, London

UK For 49 years the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in the UK has held one of the biggest congregations of Muslims in the world, after Hajj and Umrah. This congregation is international in its scope, wherein tens of thousands of people flock to Hadeeqatul Mahdi to renew their Pledge of Allegiance at the hand of the Khalifa of the time. During the three awe-inspiring days of Jalsa Salana UK, tears of joy are shed as each individual gets their fill of spiritual sustenance and enlightenment that warms the hearts of all those who seek its benefits.

For 49 long years, Ahmadi Muslims from around the world have gathered together in a harmonious and heartbreakingly beautiful sense of unity to reignite and fan the flames of Islam that burn in every fibre of their beings, with the striking motto of ‘Love For All Hatred For None’ echoing all around. A steady flowing river of pure love for God and love for humanity running down the cheeks of those who desire nearness with Allah the Exalted.

With only a few days left until the big event dawns upon us, the only few phrases which are drawn upon everyone’s lips are a resounding Alhamdulilah. Praise be to Allah for allowing us the opportunity to once again witness this.

These three days of spiritual enlightenment will bring with them interesting topics encouraging learning and discussion, as well as the energy absorbing and faith renewing Ba’ait, pledge of allegiance. His Holiness, the Khalifa of Islam’s enriching addresses will without a doubt uplift our relationship with Allah Almighty and the gratitude and acknowledgement of how fortunate we are as a Jama’at to have him as our divine Khalifa and spiritual leader will once again become innate.

Not only will it be a pleasure to be in the presence of our Ahmadi brothers and sisters from around the world, as a seeker of knowledge and truth, (like the thousands present there) this is also a chance to reignite the flame of love for God and our religion.

It will be a beautiful experience to enhance the brotherhood and ties of fraternity that we share due to our staunch belief in the true Islam. InshaAllah, we will all reap the benefits of such a unique event, Ameen.

Being able to offer the five daily prayers in congregation will do naught but lift our spirits and make us all realise the true reason we are here on this Earth. Remembering our Lord and Creator in unison will be a magnificent experience, which only increases upon learning about the community we have been blessed with. Once again we will be able to witness the relentless hard work of volunteers, who will, and already have, filtered every department an organisation can think of, to make sure this event goes without hindrance. These volunteers, who total thousands in number, illustrate that working tirelessly, continuously, rigidly and formidably can only be achieved when the aim and motive is to please Allah Almighty and make His representative on earth smile. An experience which mere words cannot narrate, the feeling and joy can only be witnessed once attendance is made in person – thousands gather and unite under one banner, under one hand, under one unity. Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to Jalsa Salana #50