By Qasim Rashid
10. The amazing miracle of transporting 35,000 people to the middle of nowhere and not leaving a single person behind.
9. The realization that some people had to do duty at Fazl Masjid in southfields while you’re enjoying Jalsa and you suddenly feel bad but so far away.
8.  Amazing food that is never ending.
7. A bazaar with amazing items from all over the world that you’ve never seen before
6. The best bookstore you’ll ever see.
5. Hugs from from your brothers of more countries than you can imagine
4. The anticipation of when Huzoor announces how many new Ahmadi Muslims took baiat in the previous year.
3. Huzoor’s majestic voice
2. The love in your heart from all people grows by leaps and bounds.
1. Five speeches from Huzoor in just three days. It’s overwhelming. It’s spirituality overload. But when it’s all over, it feels like it went by in a blink.