Some facts and figures from the third session address delivered by Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih V (atba):

207 countries in which the Ahmadi Muslim Jama’at has a presence
776 new jamaats have been established
155 new chapters in Benin, Sierra Leone and Mali
1 new country joined the fold of Ahmadiyyat in the past year: Puerto Rico

401 New Mosques
First Ahmadiyya mosques in Ireland and Brazil were completed
First Ahmadiyya Mosque in Galway, Ireland

74 languages in which the Quran has been translated by the Ahmadiyya Jama’at

Books have been translated into 22 languages
12,374,000 new literature has been distributed in 50+ languages
Publication of periodicals in 28 languages
110 books and pamphlets printed by the Arabic Desk
Humanity First ran free medical camps and blood donations – 130 blood drives were carried out in the US alone
Humanity First Muslims for Life Campaign

  People from 113 countries joined the fold of Ahmadiyyat 567,330 people converted to Ahmadiyyat – Alhamdolillah!