(This is the faith inspiring conversion of Al Haaj Mustafa Sahib from Ghana.)

People enter the fold of Islam Ahmadiyyat in miraculous ways. What else would we expect for this, after all is the work of God.?

One such story of a convert concerns an African Ahmadi of Christian birth. When we interviewed him, his sheer love for the Jamaat was clearly, as he spoke about the  change he experienced on his path to Ahmadiyyat.

Al Haaj Mustafa Sahib from Ghana


Here’s his story…

“I was born into a very strict Christian family, even my sister is a Pastor. Eventually, I converted to Islam, which then lead me to Ahmadiyyat. One Friday I was getting ready for Juma prayers, this time someone convinced me to go to an Ahmadiya mosque and listen to their sermon…”

“ It was Maulawi Wahab sahib giving a sermon on the differences of Ahmadi Muslims and other Muslims. Understanding the difference instantly sold me to ahmadiyyat… I couldn’t grasp how a women could give birth to a God, I mean birds give birth to birds, animals to animals, why say that human beings can produce a god!”

“My uncles who were very Christian, all rejected me when they heard I had accepted Islam..”

“However, my mother and father soon converted to Ahmadiyyat”. When asked why, he said [rather passionately!]: “ They saw a huge change! Before, even though I was a Muslim, I had some very bad habits. But when I converted to ahmadiyyat they saw that THEIR SON had acquired something which they could not comprehend themselves…”


“After my father passed away, my uncles approached my mother and asked her to leave Islam or they wouldn’t invest the heritage of my father in shops, and would seize all his money. In return my mother said “If it is between religion and a shop, then I choose religion, you can take the wealth…”

Then he suddenly said “Now look…ahh Allah is great!.. I have so much wealth now that those who took my family heritage away, are now looking up to me. God has blessed us.”

Another faith inspiring incident in Mustafa Sahib’s life is when he sacrificed his only  (rather old and scrappy) taxi. For ten years he used to drive missionaries to jamaat events, at  different locations.

“This blessed me so much that now I have so many cars that I can’t keep track …”


Highlighting the blessings of khilafat he said, “When Hadhrat Mirza Masroor (atba) came to Ghana he instantly recognised me. Out, of love he calls me ‘Chu Chu’. Anways, Huzoor came and tested and prayed for various products I make and sell [Mustafa is a business man selling herbal teas etc.]. After Huzoor prayed, it was fire, everyone was looking for my products they sold a lot…Alhumdolila.”

Explaining his reasons for  coming to Jalsa Salana he said:

“The reason I come to Jalsa is to come in touch with my Khalifa, he calls me “Chu-Chu”. I ask for prayers… I come here to revise my memory of the manual of our Creator. If I am able to use 5 or 6 points that Huzoor advises us on, it will bring huge change for the year to come. This way, year by year I take points home to act upon…”

Advising the youth he stated “It’s always good for the youth to know their Creator first, the youth days helped me to achieve what I have now, I was poor but always had faith in God… There is nothing which can make you happy, there is nothing which satisfies, which brings joy, even if you have all the money in the world, you will not have happiness, religion is number one and if you’ll get the world too…”

The KEY brothers and sisters, is GOD, be HIS and the world will become YOURS.