by the Jalsaconnect team, from all corners of the world


Fee ra’ay tillah! We leave you in the custody of Allah!


The 3 blessed days come to a close, but the spiritual revolution within us has just begun



Farewell, good friends.

Our three days together have come to an end.

Three blessed days in the garden of the Mehdi.

Three blessed days of spiritual growth.

Exhilarating… elevating… enriching has this journey been.


My Khalifa! My leader, may you journey home safe with our prayers.



Pray God we behaved as our Khalifa advised!

Pray God we served the Mehdi’s guests, as he would have wished!

Pray God we delivered the Prophet’s message, as he would have desired!

Pray God we were as You would have expected!


May Allah forgive our sins, and keep us close to him.



With tears in our eyes, we bid farewell to this Jalsa.

We’ve tasted blessed droplets, and now thirst for more.

With our faith renewed, grant us the strength to spread the word of your Messenger.

Enable us to guide the East and the West.

May Muhammad’s (saw) command be launched in the world once again.

And may our endeavours triumph!


You are the light of the world, may Allah cleanse the world of all darkness through you



Enable us to use the new weapons of the age.

The pen touches the paper, the fingers touch the keys.

Seize the opportunity! Take the message to the corners of the earth.


Farewell from Ismatullah and all workers behind the scenes



Farewell, brothers and sisters!

Though the season has changed, never doubt Allah’s radiance.

Pray that the cloud of Grace shelters us and cultivates Divine Light in our hearts.

For what pleasure is there in life, if you haven’t found Him in your heart?


Fee amaan’illah to the travellers!


Farewell to all guests from the UK and Europe, and all those of Asia and America.



May Allah the Exalted be with them

Have mercy on them

May He lay open for them ways of achieving their cherished goals

May He be their guardian until we next meet.


Farewell to all guests from Africa and the East



Farewell farewell!

Our hearts beg for Jalsa not to end,

We received the seeds of truth.

Our duty now, to protect and disperse.

And the garden of the Mehdi will soon bloom again.

We are eager, awaiting anxiously;

Come, do come, so that we may embrace once again.


Farewell from MTA Managing Director, Director of Social Media and all MTA staff


Jalsaconnect is not finished! Please keep returning for the next 2 weeks for more Post-Jalsa Content, as well as catching up on all documentaries shown during Jalsa. From the entire MTA and Jalsaconnect staff around the world, Jalsa Mubarak and Assalamo Alikum!