by Aneela Nasir, USA


In this age of a never-ending scramble for the “next best thing”, it is easy to see why people eventually hit breaking point and search for a temporary way out. Some lean on yoga retreats focused on inner reflection while others take off for spiritual getaways in remote destinations.

As an Ahmadi Muslim I can happily say I am liberated from this lifestyle of constant contradictions and quick-fixes.

Ahmadiyyat is my retreat – my lifelong getaway from the social vices plaguing this temporary world.

My mind is overflowing with warm memories and peaceful experiences of my so far, short life as an Ahmadi. One of my earliest childhood memories is being told that I was named by the fourth caliph, Hadhrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad (ra). Meeting him soon after on his trip to my hometown created in me a lifelong and unbreakable bond to khilafat. Now nothing beats the feeling of receiving a reply to a letter written to Hazoor (aba), or the butterflies I get when I catch a glimpse of my beloved Khalifa (aba). Nothing beats the the sweet melodies of a nazm echoing throughout Jalsa Gah,  and warm words shared with my spiritual siblings every week at juma.

The blessed personage of Hazrat Khalifatul Masih V (atba)

Why would I ever need a break from this?


Ahmadiyyat is my retreat.  My lifelong getaway.


How does Islam-Ahmadiyyat offer you a break from the hassles of the world? Tell us in the comments section below.